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"We are truly becoming a Work From Anywhere (WFA) culture due to tech tools and desires of employees and entrepreneurs to have more work/life balance and be in control of their workday." 

Wolf Bielas, Entrepreneur & Investor, Downtown Works




"My hope is that out of this crisis we learn to extend grace to each other and ourselves. I think we will see people being kinder, taking a closer look at their communities and our economic systems, which are not equal for all." 

Patti Perez, Founder & CEO, 
PersuasionPoint Inc.

"Every time our society gets to a point where it feels like the darkest of days have overshadowed us, we find that creative people didn’t stop creating. Entrepreneurs and innovators still innovate and start businesses. While we must be realistic right now, we cannot lose the optimism that makes us who we are." 

Chris Marsh, Managing Director, 
UBS Financial Services

Discover what "The Path Forward" might entail,  as we ask thought leaders what they believe the future holds.

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