Gain Insights for a Post COVID-19 World

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We've reached out to nationally recognized opinion makers, businesspeople, executives, authors and leaders to get their predictions and insights on what life, business, education, sustainability and society might be like after the COVID-19 crisis. Sign up for Volume 1 and future volumes below.

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Bob Keefe
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"It feels like we're on a brink of a significant change in the way we live, do business, and interact with each other – the change of a magnitude we saw in the first half of the 20th Century. We still don't quite understand this change, but it will be profound."

- Daniel Obodovski, Founder/CEO, The Silent Intelligence

"What COVID-19 has shown us, though, is what the world can look like when we reduce pollution, reduce energy usage and reduce wasted travel."

- Bob Keefe, Executive Director, E2

"If it is a hard choice, make it sooner rather than later."

- Neil Senturia, CEO, Blackbird Ventures

Stay tuned for more on our "The Path Forward" series as we continue to ask thought leaders what they believe the future holds.

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