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"We are also seeing better coordination between the county and city, so perhaps there are a few silver linings that will come out of this pandemic." - President Pro Tem, San Diego City Council representing the 1st District




"I hope, as a people, we seek to understand how the past has shaped our present, empowering us to identify ways to influence our future." - Claude Jones, Site Lead & Sr. Dir. EngineeringWalmart Labs; Founder of San Diego Tech Hub

"I think the return to 'normal' will occur when we have comfort with therapeutics and a vaccine. Some habits that have been formed during the crisis may now become the 'new normal.'"  - Damien Lanyon, CEO, Lanyon Advisory Services

"I am hopeful that out of this crisis comes a new way of viewing the world and our place in it." - Constance Maples, COO, Lanyon Advisory Services

Stay tuned for more on our "The Path Forward" series as we continue to ask thought leaders what they believe the future holds.

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